Finding Student Apartments Near UCF: 3 Tips to Find Your Best Option

July 8, 2021.Benoit Ballantyne.0 Likes.0 Comments

Are you a college student looking for the perfect apartment? You’re not alone! With more and more people going to school, there are also more and more students in need of affordable housing near their university. Finding a place that meets your needs can be hard. This blog post lists helpful tips to make the process of finding student apartments near UCF easier on you.

Search for Apartments in Your Preferred Location

Ask your school for help finding a list of apartments available in the area. Check apartment websites to see if there are any ads from landlords or property managers listing their properties near you. Use maps on your computer or smartphone to find out how far away different areas around campus are and pick one that suits your needs.

Research the Area to See What It Is Like, and Try Not to Pick a Place That Has Too Much Crime or Noise

Talk to people in the area and see what they have to say about living there or visit during a time of day that is representative of your daily routine (i.e., if you will be studying late at night, go for an evening walk) so you get a sense of how it would feel to live there.

Make Sure You’re on Top of Your Finances so You Can Afford an Apartment That Meets All Your Needs

The rest of your money will go to utilities, transportation, and other living expenses. You may want to talk with a financial advisor or someone at the university’s housing office about budgeting for these costs so you can make sure there is enough room in your monthly payments for everything else on your list.

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