Showing College Station Homes for Sale

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When showing College Station homes for sale, the sellers should always leave. Whether it is a scheduled showing or an open house, the sellers should never be present.

Perhaps the biggest reason they leave is that potential buyers cannot talk to them about why they are moving. Buyers and their agents love to get those details and then use them in their favor when making an offer.

Buyers Might Get Uncomfortable

Sellers hanging around their homes distract potential buyers and often make them feel slightly uncomfortable. At a showing, buyers are free to wander around the house and look at everything in a way that they might not want to do if the owners are present.

As they are viewing the property, they need to see if it will work for them. This includes talking about the pros and cons of the house, which the owners might not like to hear. Buyers often tend to rush a showing when an owner is present. Get out of there and let them take their time looking around.

A Sense of False Hope

Showing College Station homes for sale when the owners are present is a lot like riding a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs to showing a home, and they are made worse when the owner is present and engaged.

Nobody wants to tell the homeowners what they really think about their home, especially if they don’t like it. This often leads to generic comments about how nice or lovely it is. Homeowners often read into this.

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