The Pros of Nearby Student Housing in the University of South Carolina

April 29, 2021.Benoit Ballantyne.0 Likes.0 Comments

As an upperclassman, you may have outgrown the accommodations that a dormitory can offer to you. You need more space than just a single room that you have to share with someone else.

Instead of trying to get your own private room in a dorm, you can move to a nearby apartment that is built for older students like you in mind. You can take advantage of what the student housing near University of South Carolina can offer to you.

More Privacy

When you move into your own apartment near campus, you get more privacy than what a dormitory room can afford you. You may not want to share a bathroom with dozens of other people, for example. You prefer to have your own bathroom where you can keep your hygiene essentials and take a shower or bath at your leisure.

The apartments come with bathrooms and plenty of storage space. You can enjoy the privacy that eluded you when you lived in a dorm.

More Freedom

Dormitories also have restrictions on how late that you can be out and what times of day that you can come and go. You may not be able to get in without having to buzz a resident assistant past a certain hour at night. Your own apartment gives you the freedom to come and go as you please.

Contact Alight Columbia to learn more about student housing near University of South Carolina.

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